A Star Brightly Burns (Paul Anderson #2)

A STAR BRIGHTLY BURNS is the sequel to the successful A COLD WIND BLOWS and continues the story around Paul Anderson.

Paul Anderson is emotionally exhausted from trying to come to terms with the loss of his father and he decides to take a small break so that he can get away from the telephone calls and letters in the post that continue to try and pull him back to a reality that he wants to forget.

Claire Anderson is also trying to distance herself from recent revelations and to get her mind around the years of woven lies and deceit that have been spun around her – but even she finds herself pulled back to Glenvale and to painful memories that she wishes to forget.

With more secrets finding their way to the surface , and fractured memories that continue to reveal hidden truths – Paul Anderson finds that even the answers he thinks that he has found out are distorted and that his life, once more, is placed into peril.

The key to your future is locked in your past…


Available to download from Amazon: http://smarturl.it/astarbrightlyburns


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