Grim Reaping


After being driven to the edge of despair and contemplating the ultimate sacrifice through the loss of his job, Gareth is given an opportunity to get a little revenge. On top of a new job, he also sets out on seeking vengence upon the people who broke his will. Grim Reaping. Destiny lies in YOUR name.

Praise for Grim Reaping:

‘…held me to the end, I kept wondering what was going to happen next. Well planned and executed’. (L. Mears)

‘…a well-grounded horror story that held my attention brilliantly. Writing horror is certainly not an easy genre, but works like this was a pleasure to read…the end of the story somehow made me feel justified in enjoying the delicious revenge that death had wrought’. (A. Gerrard)

‘…the death scenes…brilliant…I love why their deaths are in their names, genius’. (B Kalcher)


Available to download from Amazon:


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